Holiday Home running costs explained

Published: 14 March 2019

How much will a static holiday caravan cost?

Buying your holiday caravan is likely to be the largest cost but there are other running costs to take into account such as insurance, gas, electricity and pitch fees.  Here’s what to expect;

Buying your caravan holiday home

 The biggest initial outlay is the caravan itself. The price of a new caravan depends on its size, manufacturer, accommodation style and all the built-in extras it may have. A used caravan is valued according to its age and condition.

Site Fees

The biggest of the annual running costs are the site fees, to make this payment easier, we offer a variety of payment plans (some offering discounts), that could fit in with your monthly budgeting. Therefore, giving you the option of paying monthly via direct debit over the season. 

Electricity and gas

You will need to buy electricity and gas when you are at using your holiday home. (Remember though when you’re using gas and electricity at your holiday home you’re not using it at home, therefore one outweighs the other!!) 


Clearly, a caravan and its contents have a sizeable value, There is a choice of policy type, new for old, or market value and you should make sure your insurance policy covers the following:

third party liability

public liability

the caravan for the whole year, including periods when the park is closed

As with all insurance, it pays to shop around. Look out for companies that specialise in caravan insurance. We can arrange or quote for your insurance if you would like us to.


Council rates are payable via the company to the local council, these rates are set by the council (not the park).  When you visit the park the adviser will be more than happy to give you an idea of the yearly cost of the rates on your chosen park.

Additional Costs

From time to time you may incur additional costs such as repair work, storage boxes, decking and veranda etc.  or general maintenance needs.  We are here to help and advise you in securing the best supplier, tradesman and costs, should you wish us to.